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Metal Products Engineering

About our Contract Manufacturing

Since 1940, Metal Products Engineering has been equipped for manufacturing light to medium-heavy high precision stamped parts of any metal, on punch presses ranging from 4 to 120 ton capacity. Our capabilities include high-speed automatic production runs, deep draw forming, coining, and press brake forming. Secondary services include welding, riveting, shearing, anodizing, deburring, plating, painting, engraving, assembly and packaging.

Our Capabilities

  • 40,000 sq ft Manufacturing facility, centrally located in Los Angeles California
  • Engineering and R&D support
  • Low & High Volume. Run quantities from 25 units to 1 million.
  • In-House Tooling Department
  • Specialists in progressive dies
  • Class "A" dies, short run dies, and temporary tooling
  • Stamping & Forming
  • Light and medium-heavy stamping and drawing
  • Light sheet metal fabrication and assembly
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Finished product assembly and packaging
1940 MPE opens its doors 1940 MPE opens its doors
1940 MPE opens its doors 1940 MPE opens its doors

We are committed to providing quality parts, on-time delivery and cost effective engineering. Our focus on solid customer services has been rewarded by long-term customer relationships - many extending over 50 years.