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Metal Products Engineering

Metal Prototypes

Prototyping is an important step In the design and development process of bringing a new product to the marketplace. It allows the product to be tested, modified, and enhanced in a cost effective way, without the need to invest in production tooling. With our Omax waterjet machine and large selection of standard forming tools, Metal Products Engineering is capable of creating a fast pre-production sample part at a very reasonable cost. Prototyping is also most successful when the company that makes the prototypes is a good candidate for the production.

What Metal Products Engineering Can Do For You

Let our knowledgeable staff consult with you, your designer, or design team even before a prototype is needed. We don't just make parts. We work with you to achieve superior results. We will meet with you at no charge, to review the requested components and guide you through the process, making recommendations as we go. As part of our design review process, we will make recommendations that may enhance product performance and reliability as well as reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Have a product you want to develop? We can be your R&D department AND your production facility.

Contact us today for our superior metal prototyping services, 800-824-0222.

MPE's inventor success story - the Gorilla Gripper panel carrier

My partner and I came to MPE in late 2001 with a somewhat crude hand-made prototype of our Gorilla Gripper® panel carrier. Ridge Luppen and his experienced, capable technicians suggested we use high quality extruded aluminum versus steel for the gripping plates and arms, carefully reviewed specifications with us and even consented to creating CAD engineering drawings. They couldn't have been more helpful or more cordial. Their assistance proved essential to our having a first quality, properly functioning product right from the start.

The Gorilla Gripper has been very well-received in the world marketplace, promoting safe lifting of heavy plywood, drywall and other sheet goods and quite likely 'saving the backs' of tens of thousands of users.

We owe a lot to MPE, which continues to produce parts for the Gorilla Gripper as well as another very useful product we have since introduced, called the LegUp... a panel-lifter accessory for table saws. Metal Products Engineering and their staff have that special helpful attitude which combined with technical know-how makes all the difference in the world.

Jim Cole
Owner, Landon Innovations